Amarula - #NameThemSaveThem

Amarula has long been associated with Africa’s elephants. The fact that elephants love to eat marula fruit, the same fruit that Amarula is made from, has forged a strong link between the brand and these graceful giants. It’s therefore no coincidence that the Amarula label features an iconic elephant. With the numbers of elephants ever decreasing because of ivory poaching, Amarula could not stand by and do nothing. For several years, the Amarula Trust has sponsored elephant conservation. But with the increase in the ivory trade, they required a more hard-hitting approach. Currently there are only 400,000 African elephants left. One elephant is lost to poaching every 15 minutes. If this continues, there will be no elephants left by the year 2030.

When you give something a name, you care about it more. We wanted people to care more about Africa’s elephants, which are being poached for their ivory. And so we came up with the #NameThemSaveThem campaign. People were invited to design and name their own elephants on an Amarula microsite. They could then send their unique elephants to friends and family. For every elephant named and designed, Amarula donated $1 to the anti-poaching organization WildLife Direct. Amarula also released limited-edition bottles with labels that depicted elephants named and designed by consumers.

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