Little Lungs Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn

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FDA - Little Lungs Adult Swim's Robot Unicorn

Smoking as a teen can permanently stunt your lungs, not to mention your potential. So, to illustrate this to a teen target, we infused the message with offbeat humor. Introducing Little Lungs, an animated character who epically fails at everything due to his stunted lungs. This little guy became wildly popular among teens, so we teamed him up with the leader of offbeat humor, Adult Swim, tapping into their massive mobile gaming hit “Robot Unicorn Attack 3.” To integrate our campaign about negative health consequences into the game – without impacting the user experience – Adult Swim transformed core tenets of the game to convey our message, challenging players to succeed despite the stunted potential caused by bringing Little Lungs along for the ride. The carrot? If players could still win despite the hindrance, they stood to win exclusive rewards.

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