20 Years of Democracy #RainbowNation

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Coca-Cola - 20 Years of Democracy #RainbowNation

During the month of April 2014, in celebration of “Freedom Month”, Coca-Cola literally created rainbows to mark the 20th anniversary of South Africa’s democracy and the birth of the “Rainbow Nation”. Using sunlight, water, some fancy science and a little bit of magic, FCB Johannesburg – along with a technical team led by a globe-trotting rainbow-maker from the U.S. – conjured up some rainbows in the Johannesburg Central Business District. “In the lead-up to Freedom Day, we wanted to go further than reminding South Africans of our heritage. We wanted to create a symbol of our diversity and celebrate the fact that as a nation we have come so far. Coca-Cola aims to inspire moments of optimism and happiness, and rainbows can do both”, explains Sharon Keith, marketing director for Coca-Cola South Africa.


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