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Wimpy Creates New Burger Category

Press Release - Johannesburg, South Africa, 09 May 2016

JOHANNESBURG, May 8, 2016 - Wimpy, the 49-year-old fast-service restaurant in the Famous Brands stable, has created a new category of burger with the launch of the SLAM Burger, a 150g pure, coarsely ground beef meatball slammed onto a sizzling grill and then shaped by the unique SLAM press just long enough to lock in the succulent juices and flavor.

The new category is being introduced to the South African public via a TV ad running on the country’s major television stations from FCB Johannesburg and specialist production house Hungry Films.

According to Wimpy Marketing Manager Luise Peters, the new category introduces customers to a burger “like nothing they’ve ever seen or experienced before” and will assist Wimpy in attaining key marketing goals.

“The SLAM Burger launch in South Africa provides Wimpy with the opportunity to expand its conversation with the mainstream market as well as grow its burger credentials,” Peters said.

The ad was conceived by FCB Joburg’s team of Executive Creative Director Jonathan Deeb, Associate Creative Director Kyra Antrobus and Copywriter Jessica Everson, and shot by Hungry Films’ Ian Difford.

Post-production was handled by Nova, and Audio Militia composed the track “Whoomp, There It Is” off the original from the rap duo Tag Team.

You can view the ad here: