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When Creativity and Cravings Come Together

Press Release - Mexico City, 05 April 2016

MEXICO CITY, April 5, 2016 – Food is an important aspect of Mexican culture. In the latest study carried out by Euromonitor, Mexico is ranked as a top-10 country for the casual dining market.

The GlobalWebIndex (GWI) shows that people interested in food spend time on social networks like Instagram, which is flooded with “food porn.” Instagram is very popular in the country – the activity is almost three times more than the worldwide average. Pinterest is another popular social media platform, with twice the activity vs. the worldwide average.

Thanks to these variables, Mexico is rising toward the top of the food category according to Euromonitor, with more than 14% growth between 2009 and 2014. Since Millennials search for food with a purpose, they no longer connect with the functional-only aspect of eating; they seek experiences and places with which they can connect.

With the objective of understanding the culture of Mexicans and their behavior within the category, Chili’s, a leader in American Casual Dining in Mexico, chose FCB Mexico as a strategic partner for its communications. FCB Mexico has proven expertise in understanding and developing strategies to influence the consumer’s behavior.

FCB Mexico was selected by Chili’s following a process handled by Brinker International, which owns the brand; Alsea; and CMR, the franchisee of the brand in Mexico. The win reinforces the brand’s commitment to grow in Mexico.

Luciana Novo, accounts general manager, said: “We agreed on this pitch by embracing one of our core values: hunger. Besides being directly related to the category in which Chili’s participates, it is the value that drives FCB to reach the goal we set the first time we met with Chili’s, namely to keep the account at home.”

Rocío Fernández, strategic planning director, said: “For FCB Mexico, the challenge was to understand the role Chili’s plays in our culture so that with our ‘Behavior Change’ philosophy, we could find the key behavior change to make the brand more relevant to the consumer, not only from the stomach but from the heart.”

Jorge Pederzini, senior marketing manager global business development for Brinker International, said: “We are already working together to focus on strengthening the brand positioning, to make it more relevant for the Mexican market. That’s why we started a workshop led by FCB, and we have started to work on important campaigns for 2016 for Mexico.”

The FCB team that will be serving Chili’s will be led by Luciana Novo, accounts general manager; the creative will be headed by José Arce, creative EVP; and planning will be led by Rocío Fernández, strategic planning director.