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Toyota’s Campaign for All-New RAV4: A Touch Irreverent, But Incredibly Smart

Press Release - Johannesburg, 23 April 2019

Toyota South Africa’s campaign introducing its new RAV4 is a touch irreverent, very entertaining and incredibly smart.

Devised by FCB Joburg’s Creative Director Tian van den Heever, Copywriter Este de Beer and Art Directors Julie Thorogood and Janine Kleinschmidt, with input from Strategic Planner Stuart Simms and Creative Strategist Kyle Duckitt, the campaign features five short ads directed by Adrian De Sa Garces from Egg Films, with post-production by Left Post Production and audio by Audio Milita. 

The RAV4’s new dynamic design boasts assertive and angular features with a bold bumper, grille, LED headlights and tail lights creating a broad, athletic build that tapers towards the back to provide an all-around muscular appearance. This strong build isn’t just for show: with its increased ground clearance and shorter front and rear overhangs, the all-new RAV4 can take on tough terrain with ease, as well as maximizing the available space.

“Positioned as your companion for an ‘adventurous lifestyle every day,’ the RAV4 targets males and females between the ages of 35 and 49 in the 8 to 10 LSM brackets. We briefed the agency to launch the New Generation RAV4, and are using the launch to gain new market share,” explained Tasneem Lorgat, Toyota SA Senior Manager, Advertising & Digital Marketing.

“It was vital to Toyota SA’s marketing team that the campaign showcased several of its features – new design, new technology and enhanced usability.”

The agency responded with “Expect Incredible,” a campaign spanning TV, film, out-of-home, print, digital and social platforms. 

“Rather than doing one big brand ad, we decided to do five shorter ads that speak to the specific specs of the New Generation RAV4,” said Van den Heever.

“But we didn’t want to be too geeky, or the ads to feature so much spec-speak that they appealed only to the petrol heads. So, we found an irreverent way to use the RAV4’s distinct new look and features as a catalyst for comedic transformations that entertain and inform the South African public. How? We leveraged well-known South African celebrities and sportsmen to appeal to the whole of the RAV4 market.”

“Additionally, our five spots allowed us to use contextual targeting based on who was featured. On YouTube watching sports highlights? Then you get served the Oupa Mohoje spot. More interested in motorsports? Then we’ve got the perfect Giniel de Villiers execution waiting. It’s working really well,” he added. 

The team also created an interactive Instagram brochure, which launched a month after the campaign broke in mid-March.

View the executions here:



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Driving Performance:  

Instagram Brochure: 


Creative Agency: FCB Joburg

Executive Business Director: Reagen Kok                    

Account Director: Nicole Malan             

Advertising and Digital Marketing Senior Manager: Tasneem Lorgat

Brand Manager: Lensha Dlamini          

Executive Creative Director: Brett Morris             

Creative Director: Tian van den Heever            

Copywriter: Este De Beer                                                                     

Art Director: Julie Thorogood and Janine Kleinschmidt                                                

Strategic Planner: Stuart Simms           

Creative Strategist: Kyle Duckitt            

TV Producer: Nakita Bolus                               

Production House: Egg Films

Director: Adrian De Sa Garces

Post-Production: Left Post Production 

Audio: Audio Milita 


Issued on behalf of FCB Joburg 011 566-6000