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FCB Inferno, This Girl Can and Disney Come Together to Help Moms Get Moving with Their Kids

Press Release - London, 24 October 2019

“Dance-along” content partnership turns playtime into a chance to get moving

To celebrate the positive impact of familiies exercising together, FCB Inferno and Sport England have launched a series of short films, inspired by Disney, that shows mums engaging in home-based exercise routines with their children, getting them involved by dancing together to their favourite Disney music.

With Sport England’s research showing that six in ten (61%) mums would feel guilty about taking time to exercise, rather than spending time with their family, “This Girl Can” set out to find a partner that could help create fun family moments that got mums and kids moving together. 

Evidence also showed that enjoyment is the number-one driver that motivates children to get active, while mothers have a greater influence on their children’s activity levels compared to fathers, and seven in ten (69%) mums think it is important for their children to see them exercising.

As a result, “This Girl Can” realised that first and foremost, it was critical that the content be enjoyable, that there be no “wrong moves,” and perhaps most importantly, that viewers could take inspiration from the series and implement similar routines in their own lives. 

With this in mind, partnering with Disney Healthy Living – which uses the power of its characters to inspire families to get active – was the ideal solution.

The resulting Disney-inspired “dance-along” films offer a fun way for mums and kids to be active together through play, while helping children to develop healthy attitudes towards physical activity. 

Kate Dale, “This Girl Can” CampaignLead, said; “We wanted to create something that unlocked the ‘fun’ factor of moving around, based on the ways real mums and kids get moving. That’s why we invited real families from across England to dance around to Disney tracks they love, including songs from ‘The Little Mermaid,’ ‘Moana,’ ‘The Jungle Book’ and the new Disney Channel Original Movie, ‘Descendants 3.’”

Disney UK’s involvement, which forms part of its wider Healthy Living initiative, represents the first time that “This Girl Can” has worked with a brand partner to create bespoke content. 

It marks the first of several key partnerships launching over the next year, to create new opportunities for women to get active by embedding their convention-busting messaging into bigger brands and platforms – thereby helping mums find ways to get moving that they’ve never thought of before.

Dale continues: “We knew we wanted to open the door to brand partners, but we needed to protect the integrity of the movement and ensure that any partnerships were fully aligned with the spirit of ‘This Girl Can.’”

“We have shared goals with the Disney Healthy Living initiative – to inspire families to get active – so Disney made the perfect partner for a campaign that saw us targeting families for the first time. Disney collaborated with us closely to ensure that the content upheld both of our values, lending us some of the world’s most beloved songs to help inspire families to get active. The genuinely fun and engaging videos we created together are a testament to the strength of the partnership.”

“This Girl Can” is all about encouraging and celebrating women getting active, no matter how they like to do it and regardless of shape, size, age or ability. The partnership with Disney will allow the movement to harness the global appeal of much-loved music and  take its message far and wide, tapping into Disney’s huge social audience to ensure maximum, highly targeted reach to families across the world.

Marianthi O’Dwyer, Vice President of Healthy Living UK at The Walt Disney Company, said: “We know from Sport England’s research that children of active mothers are more likely to grow into active adults, so working with ‘This Girl Can’ to create fun, authentic content that uses the power of Disney storytelling to inspire mums and kids to have fun while breaking a sweat, is perfectly aligned with our Disney Healthy Living strategy. The fun ‘dance-along’ videos offer a fantastic resource for mums looking to improve not only their own fitness, but also their children’s long-term health, and we hope families across the UK will enjoy getting active to these wonderful Disney songs.”

“This Girl Can” put out a Facebook post which invited families who love to dance together to send in videos of themselves. The result was an astonishing number of submissions – the overwhelming majority from mothers and daughters. As a result, the team was able to cast real families from the “This Girl Can” community to take part in this first series of short films.

The five three-minute films were created by FCB Inferno and produced by Fuel Content. 

Campaign Films:


Creative Agency: FCB Inferno

Executive Vice President: Sharon Jiggins

Senior Creative/Associate Creative Director: Sarah Lefkowith

Senior Creative: Nicole Chen

Senior Strategist: Tom Lindo

Junior Strategist: Imogen Armstrong

Senior Account Director: Emily Whiteaway

Account Manager: Becky Glover

Producer: Hanna Davis

Business Affairs: Caio Silva

Director: Simon Eustace 

Production Company: Fuel

Editor: Simon Eustace 

Sound: No. 8  

Sound Designer: Ollie Usher

Post Production: Fuel Post 

Colourist: Senem Pehlivan 

For more information about “This Girl Can,” please visit: 


About FCB Inferno

FCB Inferno is one of London’s leading advertising agencies and part of global advertising network FCB. The network dates back to 1873, and now has more than 8,000 employees in 90 countries, with 150 at FCB Inferno. The agency’s clients sit across industry sectors and currently include Sport England, BMW, Huawei, AB InBev, the Home Office, Havaianas and the Premier League. 

FCB Inferno believes the world needs more interesting, and creates interesting ideas for brands that people find emotionally relevant and engage with in deeper, more meaningful ways. Research proves time and again that the more interesting the idea, the more it gets noticed and captures hearts and minds. In a world where we are bombarded daily by thousands of messages, interesting gives you a commercial edge.

FCB Inferno was voted Agency of the Year at the inaugural Campaigns for Good Awards in 2018. Over the past four years, the agency has been recognised at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity for Film, Social and Influencer, Mobile, Digital Craft and Brand Experience campaigns, receiving two Grand Prix awards in 2015 and 2016, and was the second-most awarded UK agency at the Festival in 2019.

About Sport England 

Sport England is a public body and invests up to £300 million National Lottery and government money each year in projects and programmes that help people get active and play sports. It wants everyone in England – regardless of age, background, or level of ability – to feel able to engage in sports and physical activity. That’s why a lot of its work is specifically focused on helping people who do no, or very little, physical activity and groups who are typically less active – like women, disabled people and people coming from lower incomes. 

About This Girl Can

Since 2015, Sport England has been working to address the significant gender gap found in sports and exercise, to build women’s confidence around being active, and help them meet the Chief Medical Officers’ guidance. The campaign was based on the insight that 75% of women say they want to do more sporting activities or exercise, but one of the unifying barriers found to be holding them back was a fear of judgement. This Girl Can’s objective is to encourage women to engage in physical activity regardless of shape, size, age or ability. This Girl Can’s “Fit Got Real” campaign was launched in response to women feeling that conventional exercise doesn’t represent them or their lives.

About Disney Healthy Living 

Disney is committed to inspiring healthier generations, using its characters and stories to make healthier living fun and simple, and encouraging families to eat well and be active.

The first media company to establish nutritional guidelines, Disney’s Global Healthy Living Commitment was set in 2006, which is embedded into its EMEA business with European Nutritional Guidelines, established in 2014. These set limits on sugar, salt, fats and portion sizes, and give families nutritious options for everyday food and drink. Also, in 2014, the company amplified this Healthy Living Commitment in the UK via two strategic pillars – “Be Healthy” and “Get Active.” 

Disney storytelling is used to get the whole family more active, and aims to educate and inspire children about healthy eating through its content and products.

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