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Sony Bottles Its Walkman to Show How Waterproof It Really Is

Article - New York, 12 February 2014

Talk about putting your money where your mouth is: Sony is packaging its waterproof walkman inside bottles full of water.

Sony's NWZ-W270 MP3 player is not new — it has been launched at CES 2013, coupled with ads showing swimmers using the device underwater.

Now, Auckland-based advertising agency FCB devised a clever way to promote the product by selling it in water bottles through vending machines at pools and gyms in New Zealand.

"By combining the product with bottled water, we've created a world first — the Bottled Walkman. This simple packaging innovation gave us a unique way to display the product, which instantly demonstrated its benefit," says FCB in a video showcasing the campaign.

Placing a big emphasis on water resistance of its products is nothing new for Sony. The company's flagship smartphone, the Xperia Z1, is waterproof; as is its predecessor, the Xperia Z. Print ads for both products, as well as the water resistant Xperia Tablet Z, show them immersed in water.