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Seasoned Businesswoman Rejoins FCB Africa as Chairperson

Press Release - JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 10 August 2016

JOHANNESBURG, AUGUST 10, 2016 - Marketing veteran Maserame Mouyeme, who has 26 years of business experience in Africa, including in South Africa, is returning to FCB Africa as its non-executive chairperson.

Coca-Cola South Africa’s Franchise General Manager for Central Africa for 15 years, Mouyeme first joined FCB Africa in 2002, as head of its specialized communication companies; two years later, she was appointed Group Managing Director.

During her time with FCB, Mouyeme sat as chair of the Association for Communication and Advertising, was rated as the second most influential person in South Africa’s advertising industry in 2005, made the finalist list of the 2004 Checkers Women of the Year in the media category and was named as one of the six finalists in the 2005 Business Women’s Association Woman of the Year awards. 

In 2006, Mouyeme relocated to Kenya as Division Marketing Director for Coca-Cola East and Central Africa. She returned to South Africa in 2013 as Franchise General Manager for Central Africa, part of Coca-Cola Southern Africa. 

FCB Africa CEO and Chief Creative Officer Brett Morris rates signing Mouyeme as one of the two biggest achievements he’s had as leader of the agency group. The other is a ground-breaking BBBEE deal concluded at the end of 2015 with the Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg. This boosted FCB’s total black ownership to more than 55% and rocketed its total black female ownership to more than 30%. 

Morris said he was absolutely thrilled to be welcoming Mouyeme back to the FCB family as non-executive chairperson. “From a business point of view, with her rare blend of marketing, advertising and overall business experience, Maserame is a fantastic addition to the leadership team. She carries significant gravitas in the industry, and I know she will provide strong strategic leadership for our board and support to our executives. 

“On a more personal level, Mas’s passion for transformation is closely aligned with ours. She is very committed to talent development and the empowerment of women, so we are very excited to have her on board, particularly as she will be representing the interests of the Maharishi Institute.”

For her part, Mouyeme is excited to be returning to FCB. “My time at Coca-Cola has been exceptionally rewarding, and I’m glad that I’ll be able to continue contributing to that company,” she said. “However, I am delighted with the opportunities that the position of non-executive chairperson of FCB Africa presents, on a business and personal level.

“I’m looking forward to adding value to this great agency. More importantly, I’m thrilled to be able to guide FCB’s relationship with the Maharishi Institute and to help ensure that it truly delivers the empowerment opportunities it promises.”

Institute CEO and co-founder, Dr. Taddy Blecher, said it was created in 2007 to support unemployed youth in a fully holistic way through co-locating a comprehensive range of services. To date, it has proven very successful, with more than 98% of its graduates finding employment. 

“Our partnership with FCB Africa, whose passion and vision for our country mirrors our own, is an exceptionally exciting chapter in our journey, as well as that of our students. We are so pleased that a businesswoman of Maserame’s stature will now be working with us, so we can help many more young women to find success and achievement,” said Dr. Blecher.

About Maserame Mouyeme

Mouyeme is a seasoned South African businesswoman with 26 years of business experience. She has operated at an executive level for 18 years within the Coca-Cola system and in other leading multinational companies. Mouyeme has solid experience in business leadership across the continent and is currently Franchise General Manager for Central Africa, leading eight countries: Angola, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Botswana, Namibia, Lesotho and Swaziland. 

About the Maharishi Institute deal

In terms of the deal, which had an effective date of December 1, 2015, the Maharishi Institute in Johannesburg acquired 15% of FCB Africa. These shares are held in a broad-based black economic empowerment trust, and 100% of all profits made in respect of these shares, once they are paid off, will be used to empower unemployed young women.

These young women will own an equity stake in the company, with a comprehensive career package that facilitates true lifelong empowerment, including access to university-level business degrees, with a specialization in advertising and digital marketing, industry-recognized vocational skills qualifications, full-time employment, personal development, soft skills training and ongoing hands-on coaching and mentorship.  

This holistic approach, with a range of other support measures over a number of years, will assist these women to become measurably successful in South Africa’s economy. The move is targeted to strengthen the long-term pipeline of new industry professionals.

In addition, outside of its ownership program, FCB has committed to an additional financial investment to develop a cutting-edge industry-related curriculum in 2016, followed by a pilot program in 2017 and 2018, which will be part of the industry preparation component.