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Schoolboy One-Upmanship Drives Home New Toyota Hilux Launch Message

Press Release - Johannesburg, South Africa, 09 March 2016

Toyota South Africa Motors has launched its all-new Toyota Hilux with a campaign led by a television commercial that is going to tug at the heartstrings of the country’s moms and dads, grannies and grandpas.

From Toyota’s long-time marketing communications partner, FCB Joburg, the TVC stars three cherubic schoolboys who compare the toughness of their fathers’ new bakkies. Of course, with the telling of each tale, the Hilux gets “tougher” and “tougher-er.”

While the schoolboys provide the storyline and rocket the “ag shame” appeal of the commercial, Toyota’s typical tongue-in-cheek touch is evident in the cut-aways that show the Hilux in action in the boys’ imaginations.

So “tougher-er” is the final storyteller’s dad’s Hilux, that it is towing a bus with 15 Cheetahs (Toyota Cheetahs rugby players) and four cheerleaders on board, while a squadron of aerobatic jets conducts a low-level fly-by. It concludes with a voice saying: “Tougher-er than anything you’ve seen.”

The ad was created by FCB Africa CEO and Chief Creative Officer Brett Morris, Creative Director Tian van den Heever, creative team Simon Fabricius and Matthew Hart, and shot by Oscar Strauss from Hungry Films over three days in Cape Town.

According to the agency’s Executive Business Director, Reagen Kok, the launch of the new Hilux is Toyota South Africa’s biggest in 10 years. The soft launch was centered on the Dakar 2016 Rally and included a Dakar teaser, a Dakar TVC, Dakar print and Dakar social media elements.

The hard launch, which broke on February 22, is supported by radio, print, billboards and an extensive digital campaign, which includes a 360-degree immersive video brochure.

“The Hilux was launched in South Africa in 1969 and has built a reputation for toughness,” said Kok.

“With the launch of the all-new Hilux, the agency was tasked with affirming the brand’s positioning as the toughest bakkie on the market. The response was to take “tough” to the next level in a manner that would build on South Africa’s fondness for the bakkie and grow its place in their hearts. I think we’ve achieved this and more with the new campaign,” he said.

View the TVC here.