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NIVEA Sun Protects Cape Town’s Kids with a Sunscreen-Dispensing Slip ’n Slide

Press Release - Cape Town, 31 May 2016

Cape Town, May 31, 2016 — Anyone with kids knows how hard it is to get sunscreen on them at the beach. NIVEA Sun continually looks for innovative ways to help parents protect their children from the harmful effects of the sun. And their advertising agency, FCB Africa’s latest project, now available in Cape Town, South Africa, combines sun protection with hours of fun in the sun.

UV radiation, the greatest cause of skin cancer, is at its highest in this country.  The Skin Cancer Foundation says, “South Africans are diagnosed with the highest rate of melanoma skin cancer in the world annually.”

With this in mind, NIVEA Sun and FCB Cape Town have developed the NIVEA SunSlide, slip ‘n slide with sunscreen dispensing spray mechanisms that has transformed a normally unpleasant experience, into hours of fun.

Mike Barnwell, ECD at FCB Cape Town explains, “It’s a custom made slide that’s designed to spray litres of SPF50+ extra water-resistant NIVEA Sun Kids sunscreen through hundreds of spray-jet portals, ensuring the entire body is coated in one go.”

 “Each child receives goggles before sliding down to make sure their eyes are completely protected” explains Jonathan Ollivier and Rowan Foxcroft, the creative team on the project.

The NIVEA SunSlide was launched in Camps Bay on 16th April 2016 and was a huge success, covering over 100 kids per hour.  In the end, plenty fun was had by all, including a few parents who couldn’t help joining in!   The NIVEA SunSlide will be now available for South Africans to try at scheduled events throughout the year.