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Mayo Draftfcb in Peru wins EthicMark® Award for Water-Producing Billboard

Press Release - Chicago, 28 October 2013

Innovative Peruvian Campaign Honored for Uplifting Human Spirit and Society

Continuing its sweep of multiple honors and awards, Mayo Draftfcb Peru has now received an EthicMark® Award for its innovative outdoor billboard that has won worldwide acclaim for bringing together advertising and technology to convert humid desert air outside Lima, Peru into potable drinking water.

The EthicMark® Awards, co-sponsored by Ethical Markets, the University of Notre Dame and the World Business Academy, celebrate advertising and media campaigns that uplift the human spirit and society. The awards were presented on Oct. 28, 2013 at the opening ceremony of the 24th annual SRI Conference for sustainable, responsible, impact investing in Colorado Springs, CO.

Mayo Draftfcb in Peru conceived the idea to encourage enrollment in the engineering program of its client, The University of Engineering & Technology (UTEC). The unique board is located in the desert outside Lima, the nation’s capital. It harnesses humidity in the air and uses a complex electrical system that produces thousands of liters of drinking water which has benefited the local population in all directions.

Humberto Polar, Chief Creative Officer of Mayo Draftfcb Peru, said, "The good that came from the campaign is, honestly, astounding. We were simply tasked with boosting enrollment at the University and the innovative billboard did so much more than that. In addition to increasing enrollment by 28%, the school’s engineers helped create a form of media that produced 2,496 gallons of potable drinking water in its first three months for those in drought-stricken Lima. It was a win-win all around."

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