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Leroy Merlin and FCB Spain Launch "Casaterapia" on Discovery Networks

Press Release - Madrid, 10 July 2018

The branded factual entertainment format launches across Spanish primetime 

Leroy Merlin has teamed with FCB Spain, the agency positioned at the intersection where advertising and entertainment meet, to launch Casaterapia, a new branded entertainment content creation initiative on the Discovery Network. 

"Casaterapia," meaning house-therapy, is a TV format that shows how changes in the home improve personal life from a psychological perspective. By putting the question to the audience "Have you ever thought that by improving your home you could improve yourself?" Leroy Merlin has involved the audience through real-life cases in which the program coaches families in transforming their homes, in order to overcome personal challenges from a psychological perspective, such as improving their self-esteem, their relationships, their creativity or improving their self-confidence, among other things.  

The first four episodes of the series have been broadcast on Fridays throughout the month of June during primetime, at 21:00 on DKISS (Discovery Networks). They deal with real cases of people, representing different lifestyles. Yohana Alonso is the expert coach in charge of helping the participants through this transformation. The format was strategized and conceptualized by FCB Spain, and co-created by FCB Spain and the production company Producciones de Candar. 

"Casaterapia is a result of the conviction that if you change your home, you can change your life. It is a project that succeeds in bringing about something that we have been working on for a long time and that perfectly reflects the essence and philosophy of Leroy Merlin. At our company, we are committed to developing content that is useful and entertaining for the audience and thus communicates the values of the brand in a different way," commented Miguel Madrigal, Marketing Director of Leroy Merlin.

"Leroy Merlin is taking a qualitative leap from conventional advertising to branded content, where factors such as engagement, improved brand image, visibility and the transmission of certain values all play a part. This allows us to compete for people's attention, not against other advertisements, but against other high-level professional entertainment content, where the quality of the attention and the relationship is considerably higher," explained Pablo Muñoz, President of FCB Spain.

The program has been launched like any other primetime program, with previews of each episode, broadcast on the channel, in digital and on social media, as well as overlays on other programs, billboards, hoardings and additional training content, such as short tips. 

Leroy Merlin has also produced a 99-page manual, which is distributed at retail outlets, and which provides in-depth information on the concept of Casaterapia and how "what you give to your home, your home gives back," giving concrete examples for putting this house therapy into practice.

After its broadcast, both the previews and the first four episodes became available on the Leroy Merlin Channel on YouTube.

Among the most significant results, it is noteworthy that in some of the episodes, the brand's programs served to increase the channel's audience during that time slot.

Previews of the first 4 episodes of Leroy Merlin's "Casaterapia" (English subtitles):

“My true self” | Preview 1x01

“Learning to lose control” | Preview 1x02

“Regaining my own space” | Preview 1x03

“Opening up to the world” | Preview 1x04



Brand:Leroy Merlin

Agency:FCB Spain

Production: Producciones de Candar

Coaching Firm: Alonso Project




About Leroy Merlin Spain

Leroy Merlin is the leading home improvement company in Spain (DIY, construction, decoration and gardening). The company offers its products and solutions through 63 points of sale in Spain, thanks to the professional work of more than 9,300 employees, of whom 92.7% are shareholders in the company. In 2017, Leroy Merlin Spain achieved a turnover of 2,046 million euros.


About FCB Spain 

FCB Spain is the Madrid and Barcelona agency of global advertising network FCB. The network dates back to 1873, and now has 9,000 employees in 90 countries, with 39 at FCB Spain. Since 2004, FCB Spain has been a national benchmark in the branded content market and transmedia storytelling, and founding partner of the BCMA (Branded Content Marketing Association). In addition, FCB Spain CEO Pablo Muñoz is also the Executive Vice President of the aforementioned association.

FCB Spain’s clients sit across industry sectors and currently include Leroy Merlin, NIVEA, Mini, Deutsche Bank and Mahou. FCB Spain has received four Lions at the Cannes International Festival of Creativity in the last five years. It also won Best Campaign for Heineken at the Twitter Awards, Most Creative Brand on Instagram by Facebook Creative Shop in 2015 and took home a Silver for Heineken at The Lovie Awards in 2016. 

FCB Spain was selected as the #2 creative agency in branded content by Scopen in 2017.Follow FCB Spain on TwitterFacebook and LinkedIn.