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Fun ways to Play with OREO

Press Release - Shanghai, 26 March 2015

March 26, 2015 Shanghai – Riding on the new brand concept “Wonderfilled,” Mondelez China, together with FCB Shanghai, has launched the new “Play with OREO” communication theme, taking imagination and childlike wonder to the next level. The “Play with OREO” campaign encourages people to release their playful spirit inside by enjoying OREO in their own imaginative ways.

The first wave of the “Play with OREO” campaign kicked off with one TVC and two on-line videos, featuring the famous “daddy” celebrity in China, Gary Cao, and gastronomist Wen-Yi, to demonstrate their unique ways of playing with OREO. To further inspire parents and children in China to create their own innovative “recipes” for eating OREO, a recipe challenge has launched online and mobile, which includes a mini-game and social contest of submitting creative recipes. Additionally, all OREO packages have added a unique QR code that leads the consumers to unlock a playful way to eat their OREO. In-store, the creative free-tasting programs are rolling out to engage consumers with playful ways to enjoy OREO.

The campaign runs until mid April in Mainland China.

Watch the video featuring “daddy” celebrity Gary Cao:

Watch the thematic TVC:

More information, visit Play with Oreo website: