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FCB Milan Inaugurates Its Health Division with Signature “Next Step” for Ipsen

Press Release - Milan, 29 October 2015

The Next Step” is an initiative created and organized by the healthcare division of FCB Milan for Ipsen, a global biopharmaceutical group, with the aim of raising awareness among men about the importance of prevention in the field of urology.

The project is in conjunction with the Unit of Urology at San Raffaele Hospital and the Urological Research Institute (URI), under the endorsement of Europa Uomo.

“The Next Step” initiative is a debut for the Health Division of FCB in Italy. The division aims to establish a new way of understanding healthcare-related communication that aligns with the positioning of FCB as a leader in behavior change. Worldwide, FCB Health is one of the most prestigious and recognized agencies for creative excellence, strategic acumen and expertise.

“Our goal is to support the growth of this healthcare initiative in line with the principles and enthusiasm that distinguish FCB.” said Franco Ricchiuti, CEO of FCB Milan.