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FCB Mexico Announces Partnership With Sports Marketing Monterrey

Press Release - Mexico City, 21 August 2014

FCB Mexico CEO Rafael Pérez Toribio and Sports Marketing Monterrey CEO Jorge Villalobos have announced a new strategic partnership: FCB Mexico Sports Marketing. This partnership will make it the go-to agency for developing sports marketing for the Mexican and Latin American markets.

The capacity of the sports industry to develop emotional bonds between brands and their target audience should not be ignored when the fight for consumer attention is fierce. Sports marketing offers a unique opportunity to create true fans and to promote differentiation and brand loyalty. When a marketing plan uses these attributes, which are intrinsic to sports, competitive advantage increases.

FCB Mexico Sports Marketing aims to unleash the potential of sports advertising by focusing on strategies that will drive brands to get the best results from sports, with every goal, home run, touchdown or basketball score leading clients to victory.

To provide full coverage for all aspects of sports, FCB Mexico Sports Marketing’s objectives are:

  • To connect with consumers through their passionate interests
  • To build differentiation and brand loyalty
  • To significantly increase brand awareness
  • To increase campaign ROI

The two agencies have already partnered on many successful brand and celebrity sponsorships, for example Mexican League of the Pacific and Pacifico Light Beer; Actileche and Leo Messi; Crest and Rafa Márquez; and many more. 

FCB Mexico Sports Marketing plans to build effective communications on three pillars:

  1. Sponsorship and advertising campaigns: creating sponsorship programs with soccer teams and other professional leagues across all sports in Mexico.
  2. Corporate and licensing: finding the ideal sport and hire the best talent for campaigns add activations as well as consulting on digital trends relevant to sporting industries. 
  3. Business development: marketing professional teams alongside design, production and promotion of events.

“We have detected a unique business opportunity in the sports arena, at a national and international level.  We’re leveraging that opportunity by creating, developing and implementing sport marketing strategies that will surpass objectives and boost ROI,” said Villalobos.

Pérez Toribio added, “We invite brands to collaborate with FCB Mexico Sports Marketing, and develop fully integrated campaigns that make the most of the thrilling world of sports, creating a precious tool for each and every brand.”

FCB México Sports Marketing. Where everything is winning.

About FCB Mexico

At FCB Mexico we have the expertise and strategic knowledge of the market, consumers and products, to drive brands to take the best out of sport marketing. FCB Mexico is the first behavior-based, comprehensive, highly creative and responsible organization of global communications that is run with one single income statement.

The history of the FCB (Foote, Cone & Belding) network dates back to more than 140 years. It spans 150 offices in 90 countries, with over 8,000 people around the world.. It is a part of the Interpublic Group of Companies (NYSE:IPG).


Thanks to its vast experience in the fields of consultancy, business development and production of sports events for organizations, governments and clubs at national and international level, SPORTS MARKETING MONTERREY has a unique expertise in sport marketing. SPORTS MARKETING MONTERREY has experience working with the top sports and categories and with the best professional leagues in the world. It also represents athletes at a world level.