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FCB Johannesburg Dominates Millward Brown Best-Liked Ads List

Press Release - Johannesburg, 26 March 2014

FCB Johannesburg has dominated Millward Brown's Best Liked Ads List for the final quarter of 2013 with three ads making it into the Top 10.

The list celebrates the country's favourite TV commercials and their advertising agencies, chosen by the industry's most important critics, the consumers.

FCB Johannesburg, which changed its name earlier this month from Draftfcb, took the Number 1, Number 2 and Number 8 slots while its sister agency, FCB Cape Town, was responsible for the ad in Number 10 position.

Scoring highest on South Africa's score card was the Coca-Cola SA 'Share a Coke' ad, a locally originated creative concept for the local implementation of the international 'share' campaign. This ad was so favourable received by Coca-Cola's international marketing team, it is to be used as the blue print in 50 countries.

South Africa's second favourite ad was Oreo Princess for the Oreo cookie while the 8th placed ad was for FCB Johannesburg client Wimpy, and its Antifesto ad. The Savanna Dark ad for Distell, a long-standing FCB Cape Town client, wrapped up the Top 10 list.

Commenting on the agency's performance, managing director Alistair Mokoena said: "We have a reputation for building South Africa's favourite ads using ideas and executions which regularly see us accounting for at least one, but often more, in this respected line-up.

"Even so, each time the list is published, we're thrilled to see our name up there because it means we are doing the job our clients expect us to do in a way that connects with the people that count, those that buy and support their brands. Well done, team."

"Capturing authentic South African moments is key to creating ads that resonate. In the Coke commercial, this authenticity meant that instead of casting actors, we identified real 'crews' – collectives of young South Africans talented in their own right to star in the ad," added FCB Johannesburg's executive creative director, Jonathan Deeb.

"Wimpy is another example, where the quirky and positive tone of language reflect the fluidity and flexibility with which South Africans use language to portray themselves. Alongside the traditional 'howzit' we now have 'shap-tadada-hoezit' that has been been adopted by the twittersphere, feeding back these 'sticky' phrases verbatim."

The FCB South Africa group agencies are no stranger to the Millward Brown lists. One of its most impressive performances was in 2008 when it accounted for 4 out of the Top 10 on the LSM 8 – 10 list and a phenomenal 5 out of the Top 10 on the LSM 5-7 list.