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FCB Joburg Announces Powerful New Creative Partnership

Press Release - JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA, 20 October 2016

Johannesburg, October 20, 2016 — FCB Joburg has taken a strategic decision to further bolster its creative product by bringing the highly respected and awarded Ahmed Tilly into the agency to partner with Executive Creative Director Jonathan Deeb, in a joint chief creative officer leadership team.

Making the announcement, FCB Africa’s Group CEO and Group Chief Creative Officer Brett Morris said the decision was on the back of FCB Joburg’s outstanding growth, having more than doubled in size over the past three years.

Morris said that Deeb, executive creative director of the agency since July 2013, had been pivotal in driving both creative excellence and new business.

Tilly, co-founder and executive creative director of Black River FC and previously creative director at The Jupiter Drawing Room Cape Town and TBWA, would be joining forces with Deeb to further enhance the agency’s creative product.

“In light of FCB Joburg’s growth, Jonathan has been looking for a partner to share the creative leadership with him and continue producing iconic South African work that builds South Africa’s favorite brands with value, scalability and real integration. We couldn’t ask for a better creative talent than Ahmed to help us on that journey,” said Morris. “This formidable new partnership will be responsible for the overarching creative vision of the agency, driving transformation and developing young talent. Welcome, Ahmed,” he said.

“Ahmed is an industry leader known for his integrity, creative vision and for being a genuine human being,” said Deeb. “I have loved working with him in the past and I believe that the creative chemistry we have will build on the agency’s existing successes and propel us to even greater heights.”

Tilly, who will be joining forces with Deeb on November 1, added: “I started my career at Lindsay Smithers–FCB 20 years ago. It just feels right to be returning to the place where it all began. I’m so excited about starting a whole new chapter in my life and who better to do it with than old friends.”