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FCB Health Network Collects Top Honors at 2018 Global Awards For Second Consecutive Year

Press Release - New York, 15 November 2018

FCB Health Network Named “Global Healthcare Network of the Year,” Area 23 Awarded “Global Healthcare Agency of the Year” 

FCB Health Network took home top accolades at the York Festivals 2018 Global Awards, with the Network and its agencies FCB Health New York, Area 23, Area 23 On Hudson and Neon celebrating wins. FCB Health Network was named “Global Healthcare Network of the Year,” while Area 23 was named “Global Healthcare Agency of the Year,” each for the second consecutive year.

“We’re thrilled to be recognized as Global Network of the Year, as this represents excellence across multiple agencies, pieces of work and clients,” said Rich Levy, Chief Creative Officer of FCB Health Network. “Our goal is to elevate the quality of the work, so we can elevate quality of life for people all over the world.” 

FCB Health New York was honored with two Gold, one Bronze and six Finalist awards. Area 23 earned a remarkable two Gold, one Silver, five Bronze and eight Finalist awards. Area 23 On Hudson brought home one Silver award and Neon received one Finalist certificate.

“A lot of people are going to be very happy about this,” said Tim Hawkey, Executive Creative Director and Co-Managing Director of Area 23. “By the numbers, ‘Agency of the Year’ represents a lot of awards. But to the people behind it, it represents a lot of work. Late nights toiling over the type on an ad when it was probably pretty good to begin with. Entire weekends swallowed up by the ambition to do something no one’s ever done before and make sure we get it right. I firmly believe that what separates the good work from the great work is the amount of work you are willing to put in. And we have some of the smartest, most creative, hardest-working people in the biz. Congrats to all!”

The annual Global Awards honors the best in healthcare and wellness advertising across healthcare agencies that produce only the most outstanding and creative communications for medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare and wellness products and services. 

The full list of FCB Health Network Global Awards wins includes: 

  • FCB Health Network: Global Healthcare Network of the Year
  • Area 23: Global Healthcare Agency of the Year
  • FCB Health New York: Gold – Art Direction: 5 Million Puffs 
  • FCB Health New York: Gold – Photography: 5 Million Puffs 
  • Area 23: Gold – Activations/Events/Live Experiences: The World’s Smallest Booth 
  • Area 23: Gold – Spatial Design: The World’s Smallest Booth 
  • Area 23: Silver – Ambient: The World’s Smallest Booth
  • Area 23 On Hudson: Silver – Activations/Events/Live Experiences: Parkinson's House Call
  • FCB Health New York: Bronze – Integrated Campaign: The Rape Tax 
  • Area 23: Bronze – Brand Partnerships & Collaborations: TXT 2 HLP
  • Area 23: Bronze – Illustration: Battle in the Bone
  • Area 23: Bronze – Illustration: Diabetes Downfall  
  • Area 23: Bronze – Publishing: Diabetes Downfall 
  • Area 23: Bronze – Activations/Events/Live Experiences: Parkinson’s House Call 
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Applications: TXT 2 HLP
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Art Direction: Battle in the Bone
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Commercials: Get Up
  • Neon: Finalist Certificate – Illustration: Sherlock
  • FCB Health New York: Finalist Certificate – Integrated Campaign: SpeakENDO Campaign
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Integrated Campaign: Not Cool
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Integrated Campaign: April Fool’s – The Moose Spa
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Poster: Around the Corner
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Posters: Rare Disease Rarer Solutions
  • FCB Health New York: Finalist Certificate – Posters: 5 Million Puffs
  • FCB Health New York: Finalist Certificate – Print/Mail: Not Out of The Water
  • FCB Health New York: Finalist Certificate – Print/Mail: The Rape Tax
  • Area 23: Finalist Certificate – Single Platform Campaign: The Worst Restaurant in Town
  • FCB Health New York: Finalist Certificate – Social Post: Blood Equality: Blood Flags
  • FCB Health New York: Finalist Certificate – Typography: 5 Million Puffs

To view the full list of winners and finalists at this year’s New York Festivals Global Awards, visit




About FCB Health Network

FCB Health Network is one of the world’s most awarded communications networks, focused on creating game-changing marketing solutions for consumers, patients and healthcare professionals. With specialized units covering a wide range of wellness practices, FCB Health Network employs more than 1,800 people across an extensive global network, delivering multichannel capabilities that include DTC and HCP communications, professional education, branding, scientific services, strategic planning and media services. Its integrated agency offering includes Area 23, AREA 23 ON HUDSON, BX – Brand Experience Design Group, FCB Health Amsterdam, FCB Health Brasil, FCB Health Canada, FCB Health Frankfurt, FCB Health Hampshire, FCB Health London, FCB Health New York, FCB Health Zurich, FCBCure, FCBVIO, Mosaic Group, Neon, ProHealth, Solve(d), Studio Rx, Studio Rx Productions and Trio. The FCB Health Network was named “Agency of the Year” by Med Ad Newsin 2006, 2009, 2015 and 2017, and by Medical Marketing & Mediain 2007, 2010, 2015 and 2017. In eight of the past nine years, an FCB Health Network company has received “Most Creative Agency” honors. Cannes Lions, the world’s preeminent annual creative awards festival, named its Area 23 unit “Healthcare Agency of the Year” in 2017, and named FCB Health Network “Healthcare Network of the Year” in 2018. 

About the New York Festivals Global Awards

Now in their 24th year, The Global Awards are dedicated to excellence in healthcare and wellness communications on an international basis. The Global Awards receives entries from healthcare corporations, hospitals, advertising agencies, production companies, and design studios that produce communication for medical, pharmaceutical, healthcare & wellness related products and services.