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FCB Global CEO Carter Murray's Letter to Santa

Article - New York , 22 December 2014

Please can we have more great people? Even if we have to take them from the tech, digital and film industries...

FCB Global CEO Carter Murray's Letter to Santa

Dear Santa,

I really need more great people. It’s hard to find and retain the best and brightest in the business and I really want FCB to have an unfair share of talent. So, thanks for steering more talented people our way, even if you have to take a few away from the tech, digital and film industries. They’ll get over it, and I promise we’ll put the talent to great use and continually find ways to nurture and grow the talent. In return, we promise not to use technology just because it exists. We’ll make sure to use it in meaningful ways that really matter. We’ll use technology to enhance an idea, like when we made a rainbow over Johannesburg in South Africa to celebrate democracy. Sure, we sold Coca-Colas along the way, but we also created a moment of wonder for people going about their daily routines. By creating unique billboards in Peru for UTEC, we were able to harness humidity to create clean drinking water, purify air and get a few more minds curious about a career in engineering. The great talent you will hopefully deliver this holiday season will continue to find ways to use technology to better the world while we simultaneously meet our clients’ goals.


Thanks in advance for helping to make our wishes come true.


Dare to dream,


Carter Murray, Worldwide CEO of FCB