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FCB Campaign for HPA Most Twisted Take on Moderation You’ll See

Press Release - New Zealand, 07 February 2018

FCB New Zealand’s new integrated campaign, for The New Zealand Health Promotion Agency (HPA), plays on the insight that young people drink excessively because they think it leads to an epic night out. But, there’s a tipping point – a moment when “fun night out” turns into “one too many.” What’s the point of an epic night out, if you’re too drunk to remember it?

It’s in this moment that the “Department of Lost Nights” step in. They’re glitchy, overall-clad removal men from another dimension (resembling what can only be described as dated-accountancy-firm-chic, meets pink-hazy-brain-world), who step into your head, work order in hand, to repossess your memories. One by one, the best parts of your night are wheeled away on hand trolleys.

Since the target audience of 18-24-year-olds are more motivated by the fear of missing out on social experiences than the benefits of sensible drinking, there’s a strong theme of “FOMO” throughout the film. Who is that goatman? And where did he come from?

Tony Clewett, Executive Creative Director at FCB New Zealand added, “Our audience is a smart and savvy bunch. They see through marketing in a flash, so you can’t be dull or, even worse, finger-waggy. The upside of that challenge is that creativity really comes to the fore. Hence the birth of this twisted, surreal, crazy, WTF world, that is the Department of Lost Nights.”

True to his word, the campaign is anything but ordinary. The hero content, produced with Scoundrel, is a two-minute piece of film, which tells the story of Mark – a loveable, but misguided character, who has one too many. The Department of Lost Nights step into his head to set about their work, while Mark steps out. Hence the campaign line – “Stay in your head. Stay in the night.”

This latest phase in the evidence-based Say Yeah, Nah alcohol moderation campaign will play on TV as well, but due to its young, hard-to-reach target demographic, there’s a strong weighting on social media, including bespoke Facebook and Instagram pages, run by the Department of Lost Nights.



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Credits List:

Client: New Zealand Health Promotion Agency (HPA)

Agency: FCB New Zealand

Production Company: Scoundrel

Director: Daniel Warwick