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FCB Brazil returns to MIS with a parallel exhibit to “The World of Tim Burton” exhibit

Press Release - , 14 March 2016

São Paulo, March 14, 2016 – Advertising often uses strangeness to draw our attention. It uses the absurd to show a unique or unexplored perspective of various subjects. It’s from this perspective that FCB Brazil presents the exhibit “Strangeness Attracts Us” at the Museum of Image and Sound (MIS), an institution of the São Paulo State Department of Culture.

The exhibit runs in tandem with the exhibit “The World of Tim Burton,” which brings together around 500 pieces, including rarely or never-before-seen works of art and sketches, as well as paintings, storyboards and dolls featured in the extensive movie portfolio of Tim Burton, the master of strangeness.

“Tim Burton’s body of work inspired us to look at advertising campaigns from the perspective that the strange can also draw attention and change (for the better) the behavior of millions. I have watched all of Tim’s movies and have realized that there is a 'strange moralizing’ standard that repeats itself countless times,” explains Rui Piranda, Executive Creative Director at FCB and the event’s curator.

Occupying two environments, the exhibit “Strangeness Attracts Us” features around 40 “strange” and “normal” advertising campaigns. The strange campaigns are affixed to a black wall, to take the consumer out of his/her comfort zone. For these, advertising fulfills a social role: shedding light on delicate issues from an unexplored angle and promoting a cause or rallying people around a greater purpose. Campaigns that used "normalcy" as a refuge from the hectic lives we lead are featured on a white wall.

A challenge unites both environments. Each week, an additional exhibit titled “Strange Is in the Eye of the Beholder” will feature ten photos submitted by visitors.

“This exhibit is of great interest to me. Every week, we will select ten photos that portray strangeness in the lives of everyday people. This is an opportunity to bring the agency closer to the final consumer. We live in a collaborative world, and it's important to bring this vision to light,” concludes Piranda.

Since April 2015, FCB has been partnering with MIS with the goal of connecting with the city’s culture and exploring the intimate relationship between communication and culture. FCB’s debut was during the program “Photography May at MIS 2015,” with an exhibit titled "Advertising in the Time of Vivian Maier," which ran in tandem with an exhibit on the American photographer's work.

“This is the second time we've partnered with MIS, and this project fills everyone at FCB with pride. In addition to creating an opportunity to reflect on what we do and how we impact people, we are sharing these thoughts on some of the most visited walls in São Paulo, those of the Museum of Image and Sound. Our goal is to have a lasting impact on the city's cultural life,” says Pedro Cruz, COO and Chief Culture Officer at FCB Brazil.