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FCB Brasil Carries out Digital Action for Estadão on International Women's Day

Press Release - , 08 March 2016

São Paulo, March 08, 2016 – According to the Secretariat of Policies for Women (SPM-PR), the Women's Help Hotline received 63,090 reports of violence against women – which corresponds to 205 reports per day or an average of one report every seven minutes – in the first ten months of 2015.

With these numbers in mind, FCB is implementing a digital action for Estado de S. Paulo, entitled, "Sad News for Women." The action will tweet real reports of violence against women every seven minutes on Estado's Twitter account (@estadao). On this year’s International Women's Day, the newspaper will spend the entire day exposing real cases of physical, mental, moral and sexual violence against women.

Using the hashtag #7minutos1denuncia ("#7minutes1report"), the action will impact Estadão's nearly four million Twitter followers. By the end of the day, 205 tweets will have been posted. Our goal is to turn stories about violence into news, in order to encourage people to report such cases.

"The only way to fight violence is by talking about the problem, which is frighteningly prevalent. Estadão's positioning is to promote debate on the subject today in order to create a better future. This action will help mobilize people against this extremely relevant issue," commented Joanna Monteiro, CCO of FCB Brazil. 

“The action will use the power of social media to draw attention to an important issue on a special date. It's a different way to approach one of the subjects Estadão has been covering in its editorial content," noted Marcelo Moraes, Estadão's director of publicity marketing.

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