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DraftFCB and Kmart Deliver Another Simply Sweet Masterpiece

Article - Chicago, 20 November 2013

Such a gift. And it's not even Christmas yet.

Whatever the season, though, it appears the Hoffman Estates, IL.-based Kmart discount retail store chain and its ad agency DraftFCB/Chicago are demonstrating a special knack for creating a viral firestorm with almost every new and attention-grabbing piece of advertising they introduce.

This time it's a Christmas ad promoting Joe Boxer underwear that — four days after its debut — has more than a million YouTube views. And deservedly so.

Cleverly titled "Show Your Joe," the long-form 60-second version of the spot couldn't be more charming or entertaining as it shows several attractive young men clad in Joe Boxers and tuxedo jackets shaking their lower torsos to create the familiar "Jingle Bells" Christmas tune.

Though this is the sum total of what the simple, sweet — and sexy — spot presents to viewers, that apparently couldn't stop a groundswell of social media types from sounding off about how offensive this commercial is to one's sensibilities.

Of course, the Huffington Post — ever ready to sensationalize (and trivialize) anything it can find out there — loudly proclaimed in a posting late yesterday that a "controversy" had erupted over the "Show Your Joe" spot Yea, do fan the flames HuffPo.

But please folks. No need to complain here.

If all commercials out there were as smart and beguiling and product-focused as this piece of work, the advertising industry would be in much better shape — creatively speaking — than it is at the moment.

Of course, it should come as no surprise that the man in charge of this Joe Boxer spot is Draft executive creative director Jon Flannery.

If his previous masterpieces for Kmart, including the viral hits "Ship Your Pants" and "Big Gas Savings" last spring, didn't suggest this man is fully in touch with his genius, "Show Your Joe" leaves next to no doubt Flannery and his entire creative team are on a roll that should make just about everyone in the ad world deeply envious.

A Kmart spokeswoman said 15- and 30-second versions of the spot will run on various cable channels and possibly network TV through Nov. 24. So all of you easily and needlessly-offended viewers out there who can't stand to see these Joe Boxers shake one more time, better keep your eyes averted from the television set for at least another five days.