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Debonairs Pizza Tickles SA’s Funny Bone With New TVC

Press Release - Johannesburg, 24 August 2015

Debonairs Pizza, South Africa’s leading quick service restaurant in the pizza sector, is tickling the country’s funny bone with its new TVC for its Sausage & Bacon/Macon Feast promotion.

Targeting predominantly males, the spot was conceived by FCB Joburg’s team of Executive Creative Director Jonathan Deeb, Creative Director Gareth Paul, Art Director Kyra Antrobus and Copywriter Jessica Everson.

The TVC highlights one of those moments when you’re especially grateful for that Debonairs Pizza outlet near you.

“Everyone has one – that friend or family member who just can’t feed you on time, ever. You’ll be invited over for a meal and they’ll burn the pap, scald the melktert, drop the spaghetti, tip the lid of the salt shaker and half its contents into the soup or – even if they seem to be on top of things – load shedding delays the roast by 2 hours,” explained Deeb.

“So, identifying with our anti-hero and his friends in our story is easy. He’s invited several mates over for a braai on his newly installed gizmo. They look on with scepticism; they’ve been down this road before.

“And, true to form, the anti-hero botches it. While he gamely attempts to get the show on the road, those who know better order in something amazing from Debonairs Pizza: the Sausage & Bacon/Macon Feast because – as the apron says – real men eat meat, even when they’re not braai-ing!”

The ad is currently flighting on SABC, eTV and DSTV channels. It was shot in Rosebank over two days by Ian Difford for Hungry Films.

View the TVC here:


Creative Agency: FCB Joburg             

Key Account Management:    

Group Account Manager: Struan Bourquin

Account Director: Sarah Caradoc-Davies

Executive Creative Director: Jonathan Deeb  

Creative Director: Gareth Paul

Copywriter:  Jessica Everson                           

Art Director: Kyra Antrobus                              

Strategic Planner: Jane Jacob           

TV Production: Tarisai Mphofa                                  

Media Planners: Jedd Cokayne - The Media Shop                 

Production Companies: Hungry Films             

Director: Gareth Paul; Ian Difford                   

Editor: Tessa Ford                                           

Post-Production: Tessa Ford Post Production, Bladeworks