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Arla Foods Appoints Draftfcb for Launch Marketing Campaign in China

Press Release - China, 05 September 2013

One of the world’s most prominent dairy companies, Arla Foods, has appointed Draftfcb to create and manage its brand communications portfolio for Arla Foods’ first formal marketing program in China.

With over 130 years in the dairy industry, Arla Foods employs 18,000 people worldwide, earning US$11 Billion in revenues. The company’s product portfolio includes a range of milk, cream and yoghurt including globally recognized brands Lurpak, the largest butter brand in the world, and Castello high-end premium cheese.

In 2012 Arla Foods formed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with China’s Mengniu Dairy to leverage the latter’s extensive China experience and further tap into the country’s vast market potential.

Draftfcb China’s assignment for Arla Foods will be a brand-building communications campaign around the Arla Organic UHT Milk brand, which has received certification by the Chinese Organic Authorities.

Dairy consumption in China is relatively low per-capita compared to other Asian countries. However, the imported dairy category is the fastest growing in the dairy market and imported UHT milk is the largest segment.

Pully Chau, chairman and CEO of Draftfcb Greater China, said Arla Foods could look forward to a bright future in China. "From the way they carefully manage their entire production chain from the source up to their marketing process, Arla Foods can build a powerful reputation for authenticity and relevance to Chinese consumers," said Ms Chau. "Draftfcb will play a key role in spearheading Arla’s growth of the premium imported milk segment."

Draftfcb China national executive creative director Eddie Wong led an agency team to Denmark to experience first-hand the power of the Arla brand. "Arla Foods is built around the concept of ‘closer to nature,’" said Mr Wong. "We took some key people to ‘Arlagaarden’ – an Arla Foods quality control centre that ensures their products are the highest of quality. We talked directly to farmers to better understand what really drives them to produce the best quality milk needed for their worldwide markets. The in-depth visit certainly helped our strategy and creative plans for Arla Foods in China."

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