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Adoration, Respect, Homage – Yes, it Must be a Debonairs Pizza Delivery

Press Release - Johannesburg, South Africa, 01 April 2016

April 1, 2016 - Debonairs Pizza, the 25-year-old quick-service restaurant that leads the pizza category, is launching a new flavor of its famous Triple-Decker® – the Ultimate, a man-sized 5-sausage Triple-Decker®.

Developed by FCB Joburg’s Creative Director Gareth Paul, Art Director Vukani Mpanza and Copywriter Robert Storom, the new 30-second television commercial was shot in Johannesburg by Ian Difford from Hungry Films.

Called “Ultimate Delivery” and targeting males, the commercial uses a simple storyline and great character-acting to elegantly communicate the esteem in which these Debonairs Pizza fans hold their Debonairs Pizzas, and especially the Ultimate 5-sausage Triple-Decker®.

The Debonairs Pizza delivery man arrives at an office and is welcomed inside by a group of young men who are obviously thrilled to be in his presence. Well, that’s what he thinks. The group is really in awe of the 5-sausage Triple-Decker®, its three layers and five-sausage topping. In their opinion, it truly deserves the red carpet.